Believed – Expertise, method and inventive make

Believed – Expertise, method and inventive make

Romania try an excellent patriarchal nation where in actuality the male try far away from needed locate on their own. “You’re tough gender, never ever shout, do not put on display your thinking, obtain a good “man” occupations, getting tough, draw it!” is actually a dialogue in most family members. The brand new promotion idea: issues these stereotypes and you will promote Romanian guys to-be on her owing to relatable tales.


A global rebranding turned to aside become primary chance for Remington to possess yet another sound into the Romania. It had been Remington’s very first communications venture in to the Romania, shortly after numerous years of quiet. Naturally, work came with numerous ambitions: to renew Remington’s images into the Romania, to help you shine dialogue about brand and to increase transformation delivering its hero products.


Remington’s target is a simple audience of individuals, 18 so you’re able to forty-5 years old. not, browse turned out you to guys profiles imagine the company once the brand new a brand name for females. That have such as an appealing you can easily ahead, i paign and mostly address her or him.